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Plinko Betano game

Plinko at Betano offers an exciting combination of chance and strategy, where each player can test their luck in a game of marbles, watching the ball fall through a maze of pins. This game, also known as the falling ball game, stands out in the casino selection for its unique mechanics and the possibility of winning big prizes, making each game unpredictably exciting.

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What is Plinko Betano?

Plinko is a game of luck, popular in casinos and among online games. The essence of the game is that the player throws a ball at the top of a board full of pegs and watches as it bounces off the pegs, falling downwards toward a variety of prize sectors. The aim of the game is to predict which of the sectors the ball will end up in, adding an element of randomness and excitement.

Historical perspective of Betano Plinko

The Plinko Betano game was first introduced on the TV show Β«The Price Is RightΒ» in 1983. Since then, it has gained worldwide fame and has been adapted into various formats, including online versions in casinos. With the development of the internet and gambling, Plinko has undergone significant changes, becoming more dynamic and including different risk and reward options. Modern versions of the game offer players the choice of risk level and winning potential, making the game even more attractive.

Plinko Betano game rules

In Plinko, players toss a ball to the top of the playing field, which contains a series of pins. The ball bounces randomly on these pins, moving to the bottom of the board where the different prize sectors are located. The gain depends on the sector in which the ball stops. Players can choose the number of lines and the risk level (low, medium, high), which affects potential payouts.

Number of lines Low risk rewards Normal risk rewards High risk rewards
8 0.5x – 5.6x 0.4x – 13x 0.2x – 29x
9 0.7x – 5.6x 0.5x – 18x 0.2x – 43x
10 0.5x – 8.9x 0.4x – 22x 0.2x – 76x
11 0.7x – 8.4x 0.5x – 24x 0.2x – 120x
12 0.5x – 10x 0.3x – 33x 0.2x – 170x
13 0.7x – 8.1x 0.4x – 43x 0.2x – 260x
14 0.5x – 7.1x 0.2x – 58x 0.2x – 420x
15 0.7x – 15x 0.3x – 88x 0.2x – 620x
16 0.5x – 16x 0.3x – 110x 0.2x – 1,000x

Plinko gained particular popularity in Brazil due to its dynamics and simplicity of rules. This game is easily accessible at online casinos such as Betano and offers a fast and exciting gaming process, appealing to both newbies and experienced players. Additionally, the ability to choose the risk level makes the game attractive to a wide range of players, allowing them to control their risk appetite.

Betano: Your best casino for Plinko

Betano is an online gambling platform that offers a wide selection of games, including Plinko. The casino has established itself as a reliable and safe site for players around the world. Since its creation in 2019, the casino has shown excellent results!

Plinko Betano

Betano Achievements: What is the casino proud of?

Betano Plinko stands out among other online casinos for its commitment to innovation and improving the user experience. The casino has received numerous awards for its work in the gambling industry and is recognized as a market leader.

Why do bettors prefer Betano?

The preference for Betano Plinko among bettors is due to its reliable reputation, the wide range of games available and the exceptional level of service provided. Additionally, advantageous bonus offers and promotions enhance the appeal of the betting experience at Plinko casinos app.

Plinko Betano

At Betano, one of the main casinos for playing with real money, Plinko stands out for its unique rules, increasing the chances of winning. Unique innovations and features make each game exciting, offering players not only fun but also the opportunity to win real money.

Pros and cons of gambling on the site

At Betano, players can enjoy a unique Plinko gaming experience, however, as with any casino, there are pros and cons. Below is a table that will help you better understand what to expect from the game on this site.

Pros Cons
100% deposit bonus Cashback on specific categories
100 free spins as deposit bonus More bonuses for bets, less for slots and Plinko
10 free spins as an additional bonus Need to meet wagering conditions to withdraw bonus
Site and transaction security
Variety of games, including casino ball game
Responsive customer support

Differences in Plinko rules

In Betano, Plinko offers unique rules and features, which differ from the classic version of the game. This may include changes to pin distribution, number of pay lines and risk levels.

New exclusive features in Plinko

Betano often introduces unique innovations to the Plinko game, such as special bonus rounds, additional win multipliers and unique game elements, making the game even more exciting. In most Plinko-type games on the site, you can set the difficulty level through special bombs or other items.

Bonuses for players

Payment methods

Betano Plinko accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers, ensuring convenience and security in transactions. The most popular payment methods include PayPal, Pix and others, including bank transfers and cryptocurrencies.

Games similar to Plinko Betano

Name of the game How it is similar to Plinko
Anubis Plinko This game combines the Egyptian theme with Plinko mechanics. As the ball drops, it can trigger bonuses inspired by the gods of Egypt, adding an extra layer of excitement and winning opportunities.
Plinko XY Focused on simplicity and realistic physics, Plinko XY offers a pure gaming experience with multiple difficulty levels and payout potentials, allowing players to adjust their strategies as desired.
Neon Plinko With a vibrant and futuristic look, Neon Plinko brings neon aesthetics to the classic game. This version stands out for its stunning visual effects and the addition of special features that can multiply your winnings.
Plinko Master This version is known for incorporating level progression elements, where players can unlock new features and balls as they progress, enriching the gaming experience with long-term goals.

Other versions of Plinko

On the website, you can also find other versions of the specific Plinko game. For example, you can transport yourself to the world of ancient Egyptian stories or, on the contrary, visit a neon future. To find Plinko-type games, just type in the search section of the casino ball game and find Plinko there.

What can we say about Betano Plinko game?

The experience of playing Plinko Betano stands out for its originality and dynamism, enriched by innovative features, diversity in game rules and unique bonuses. The solidity of the casino, together with its wide range of games and attractive promotional offers, establishes Betano as a privileged option for gambling enthusiasts.


Plinko Betano is a popular casino game where players toss a ball and watch it fall through a maze of pins. It’s an exciting combination of chance and strategy, offering the chance to win real money. The game stands out for its unique mechanics and different levels of risk, making each round exciting.
Indeed, when participating in Plinko provided by Betano, there is the possibility of making real money profits. Recognized as a prestigious casino, Betano presents the Plinko Betano game with clear and fair rules. Betting success varies depending on the choice of the degree of risk and the tactic adopted. By taking advantage of the promotions and bonuses offered by the casino, bettors have the chance to expand their chances of success.
Although the randomness component predominates in Plinko Betano, there are methods that can be used to increase your chances of success. It is recommended to select a risk level appropriate to your profile and financial capacity. Opting for a lower risk can lead to more constant wins, but of lower value, while choosing a higher level of risk can result in larger rewards, but with a less frequent occurrence.
Plinko on Betano is popular due to its unique mechanics and the chance to win real money. The ball game attracts both beginners and experienced players due to the simplicity of the rules and the dynamic game process. Betano increases the attractiveness of Plinko by offering exclusive bonuses and promotions, as well as a high level of security and customer support, making Betano Plinko especially popular with players looking for a reliable and profitable casino to play at.